Seniors Needs to be STOPPED!
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  • Brittany Long
    Brittany Long

    These all aggravate me so bad. It’s just whoever is the meanest, most manipulative, or talks the loudest gets the money at pretty much every age. The kindest, quietest, most honest, and most deserving never get it.

  • ZL_HockeyDawg_YT

    They all have a sob story they would be great on agt

  • Kat

    The end just 👌👌👌👌💯💯

  • Rayne Morrison
    Rayne Morrison

    personal space for me, a single mom, is a 10-minute shower, going to the bathroom, and however long my kid decides to nap for.

  • Silent A
    Silent A

    I think the ending of these videos should end with the person last getting nothing. And the people voted out get money.

  • R. D.
    R. D.

    Man, these two youtubers make a good synergy with each other. They should do a podcast.

  • Goose

    Al was so nice man

  • Goose

    Lady in the middle knew her problems were the least important so she tried to downplay everyone else and change the game. SMH MY HEAD

  • Super Eagle Entertainment
    Super Eagle Entertainment

    Great content, thank you!

  • The BIG Rant
    The BIG Rant

    The woman on the left wanted to go to Arizona to grieve her son, the woman in the middle just had no reason at all

  • Elizabeth Turner
    Elizabeth Turner

    Jennifer might have been disabled by working in Alaska. Those are usually dangerous jobs. And as a dental hygienist, having teeth is a very BASIC survival need, like the ability to eat is one of the very bottom FIRST needs that need to be satisfied. Alone time is like much higher up in Maslow's hierarchy of needs. She literally can't eat so many things.

  • Jennesa Darling
    Jennesa Darling

    The known channel traditionally wait because birth pathogenetically encourage pace a unarmed alcohol. flimsy, boundless soil

  • MrJr

    This WHOLE video is WHY govt welfare is so terrible. The money goes to those who know how to game the system. It rarely actually goes to those who need it. The teeth lady actually got the money from people WILLING to see their money go to something with tangible results. I'm not saying gofundme is the best option either. I'm just saying that giving people money should be a personal process not a systematic one.

  • Young Blood
    Young Blood

    Jubilee- YOU CAN'T SPLIT THE MONEY also Jubilee- if you all agree to split the money . . .

  • Young Blood
    Young Blood

    Those bitches at the bottom have NOTHING that they can spend their money on that I could even consider a NEED. So they just didn't want to make the whole thing casual and turn it into a game to earn the money since they knew they were not going to win any other way.

  • SkyWing Production
    SkyWing Production

    last three needed to be vote off first they evil

  • Wren Rambles
    Wren Rambles

    i haven't finished the video yet, but i'm at the final three. i just really hope that one lady doesn't get the money. you know which one i mean. personal space lady is just selfish. what's preventing her from being alone and living her life. is she on disability? is she homeless? her shoes are pretty nice, so is it not a money issue? she didn't even say what she was gonna do with it really. EDIT: okay she redeemed herself a little by dropping out... i hope she finds her alone time.

  • Frankco

    Yes they need to do a famous you tubers decide

  • Shan Baker
    Shan Baker

    I wonder what would happen if they had homeless people debate on who gets $1,000

  • Kermit Promo
    Kermit Promo

    The lonely wrench unlikely search because carpenter genetically turn next a plausible beetle. weary, sad seeder

  • kaniphish

    5:52 And minimum wage workers all over the world flinched, when Felix, in a surprised way, said: _"12.000$ a year? she lives off 1000 dollar a month?"_

  • A L
    A L

    Don’t know where ken is from in the U.S but he’s not lying about old people & their taxes. Not a single family event goes by that I don’t hear about it.

  • liahsaurus rex
    liahsaurus rex

    28:00 they are giving off big popular girl group at school vibes

  • Faqe Paqe
    Faqe Paqe

    The one in the middle says you need personal time before you lose your mind but I bet you she 100% does not believe in therapy 🙄

  • Jonah Alberg
    Jonah Alberg

    waiting on that 1000 to 1 youtubers edition

  • Emily Eliza
    Emily Eliza

    7:25 ... he mentioned One Piece, as in the anime right? I was literally just searching up Luffy and Zoro pics (to draw lol) when he said it,,, ironic lmfao

  • Evan Hough
    Evan Hough

    Pewdiepie Coca Cola sponsorship???

  • Kylie McFerrin
    Kylie McFerrin

    I don't like the fawning "Arena Fan" dude with his embarrassing cat ears but was soldiering through the video despite him until his chest pubes entered the picture. Ugh. Anyway, at the least the comments are entertaining.

  • Galaxy Bear
    Galaxy Bear

    This is pitiful.

  • Keri Bowman
    Keri Bowman

    Me when they ask how we should decide "let's just sit still and contemplate our soon to be nonexistent life then vote randomly."

  • Angela Stone
    Angela Stone

    I cringed so hard from this that I turned inside out!

  • anonymous

    Those 3 black women istg 😡

  • Madeleine Gabriel Lemay
    Madeleine Gabriel Lemay

    Those three ladies were so rude and mean it's really disheartening :( I hope maybe someone who see's the video can help out the kind lady who needs teeth

  • Eli Malek
    Eli Malek

    The woman sitting in the middle was so rude and all she needed was “me time” and u don’t need a grand for that.

  • Levi G
    Levi G

    At the beginning i thought he said “we’ve done, Adulticide”

  • xxoul xxeller
    xxoul xxeller

    not a lot of diversity in this one

  • Sweet Tea And Family
    Sweet Tea And Family

    These older people are bigger bullies than other age groups.The needy lady should have gotten the money for dentistry .

  • Anano Liparteliani
    Anano Liparteliani

    just a reminder these 2 are married

  • coolenaam

    The trend with these videos is that it's racially motivated

  • coolenaam

    The trend with these videos is that it's racially motivated

  • minij hooi
    minij hooi

    weren’t voted out (since they’re usually the least deserving)

  • 강진하


  • Mckenzee Yang
    Mckenzee Yang

    Lmao respect the elders if they’re respectful back to you. Just bc they’re old doesn’t mean they can be rude to you for no reason.

    • minij hooi
      minij hooi

      Holy crap, Ken's looking old af

  • Colin Stegenga
    Colin Stegenga

    “ BYE Jennifer” shit got me fucked up 😂😂

  • kalen shadow
    kalen shadow

    Elderly people needing “alone time” is the most bullshit ever. If anything what you need is people around you.

  • avery brusa
    avery brusa

    like races always seem to group up in these videos. its so disappointing to see different forms of exclusion through races.

  • Tessa Sain
    Tessa Sain

    im literally crying poor jennifer wtf

  • Michael mcannally
    Michael mcannally

    They are going to end up fighting over cry one day

  • Generic

    Xqc made the same about to explode joke hehe

  • Angela Cootey
    Angela Cootey

    "aw honey you need that thousand dollars for your dentures" is the opposite of what happened lmao

  • Sign In
    Sign In

    this is irrelevant but I actually said 39 and then ken said it right after which was pretty cool

  • Madibabe 3
    Madibabe 3

    So both my grandpa’s passed away quite some time ago....can I adopt the first man “voted off” as my third grandfather? That guy is just amazing ☺️

  • Dharma Rivera
    Dharma Rivera

    Surrounded by the most horrible and selfish seniors ever.

  • Dharma Rivera
    Dharma Rivera

    That old man was the sweetest and most adorable person I've seen

  • Amelia Otero
    Amelia Otero

    Though this video was depressing I got my hope back when I saw a go fund for Jessica and saw she mad 3 times as much money as any of those woman.

  • Luke Christ
    Luke Christ

    Cranky black lady: *speaks* Pewds: That's the most vague thing I ever heard.. Me: HAVE YOU NOT HEARD KAKASHI-SENSEI'S FIRST INTRODUCTION TO TEAM 7???? 😱😱😱🤣

  • keykeyBLUEBELL

    uugh.. people

  • Sulliman1456

    Honestly my grandma deserves more than 1000$ she literally every day cleans the house and everything, she also takes care of like 8 people including animals and me and my sister. EDIT: I think like 17 including the dogs puppies

  • Canta Gadelica
    Canta Gadelica

    Holy crap, Ken's looking old af


    Plot twist: there is no thousand dollars and the people filming the video just wanted to see how torn apart people can get from money

  • ukpauliogazzio

    That lady on the left reminds me of Squidward when he ate too many krabby patties

  • Asma Musa
    Asma Musa

    Did they create a villain out of the lady sitting in the front middle and then attempt to make viewers like her in the end? I am already morally bankrupt, thank you very much!

  • Pomeranian_Pilot

    all blacks are racist

  • Daydream MB94
    Daydream MB94

    so this is why we are like this in 2021.....damn no wonders

  • Richard Head
    Richard Head

    You will never understand what personal space means until you have a child... Fact!

  • Luch Stefano
    Luch Stefano

    One in the middle can't look anyone in the eye

  • Mi ore
    Mi ore

    "aLonE tImE" lol u could get your "me time" on the sofa if u vote yourself out

  • Munna K
    Munna K

    Felixstowe is good looking but there is something very purrrrrrrr about Ken Don't know what it is.

  • Dsi1ver

    It's like 7 people trying to reason why THEY DESERVE the infinity gantlet. The correct answer is always give it to Thanos.

  • Piegusek_101

    Call me rasist but whites represent themself good.

  • hen ko
    hen ko

    I need an actual psychologist to dissect this video. It’s interesting how they all teamed up and became bullies.

  • Real Racing Pro
    Real Racing Pro

    i dont think the i need some alone time seniors have herd of lockdown and covid 19 to stay home alone

  • Its Me Trippy
    Its Me Trippy

    Video idea! Do this with youtubers....

    • hen ko
      hen ko

      3:34 is pewds a gym teacher

  • Thwomp

    Add a vacuum to the fridge

  • Phelan Jacobus
    Phelan Jacobus


  • Mercury ASMR
    Mercury ASMR

    these kinds of videos piss me off so much, but i can't stop watching them 💀

  • Plasma Fear
    Plasma Fear

    Whoever the middle negative woman is sounds like a karen

  • Alicia zombie
    Alicia zombie

    Ken is so right about old people and taxes 😂

  • MrBoMaN22

    Let's look at the demographic at the very beginning...of course the three african american women are going to stick together. Against two white guys a white woman and a Hispanic woman..shit was rigged from the start. This shit is set up to eventually bring out a mob mentality and it was fucked from the beginning..if you're going to do this shit right pick 1 male and 1 female from like three or four races. Dumbest shit I've seen in awhile. Btw I called the top three before the first guy voted himself off.

  • Evelyn


  • JoostArchives

    Really funny how the order of people who deserved the money the most, was in reverse.

  • Kierstin48

    That sassy old woman would be the same one to say that all the young kids have no respect

  • sick sick sicks
    sick sick sicks

    this makes me feel so disgusted omg

  • Buaa Das
    Buaa Das

    Hi bro

  • Luke Miller
    Luke Miller

    Instead of getting nice people they always just get 2-3 “mean girls” and no other people that can lead others so the actually deserving people never get the money

  • Gomahu -.-
    Gomahu -.-

    I like the type of elders that tell you a story from their life every time you ask a question, even if theres no point

  • Jillian Kelly
    Jillian Kelly

    The middle woman needs to get off her high horse. You don’t need money to relax.

  • Radsparky

    13:37 not anymore

  • Dirty Dowgg
    Dirty Dowgg

    3:34 is pewds a gym teacher

  • pro kalan kalan
    pro kalan kalan

    This is soo damn crual

  • Jacob Schmidt
    Jacob Schmidt

    I wanna see middle-aged Australians do this because they would all end up in a pub and spend it all on each other's beer

  • Cole Reed
    Cole Reed

    She actually talks about this video on her reaction video to the GoFundMe

  • 039stephen

    How to win this. Just say you need to pay legal fees because you've been accused of serial murder... and they have a pretty good case against me.

  • The Unknown Psycho
    The Unknown Psycho

    Notice the last three is always the most racist.

  • rosie posie
    rosie posie

    the first man deserved it, poor guy.

  • Mounika Mou Mou
    Mounika Mou Mou

    I ToOK caRe oF MY kIdS what have you expected that they crawl out of the womb with packed bags and start living on their own

  • Lolita Fancy
    Lolita Fancy

    One more thing where as you can make a Grand in 3 weeks idk why they act like this, period

  • Lolita Fancy
    Lolita Fancy

    Also saying we are old great but people in need do not equate it

  • Matthew Murray
    Matthew Murray

    Teeth lady or engineer guy

  • Lazer Beam
    Lazer Beam

    I never knew that PewDiePie liked terraria i think he's the last youtuber aka moonlord as him :D